Various projects by CERCAP members are currently in progress, including submitting papers on:

1) The effect of hypnotizability, belief and other variables on a ganzfeld telepathy test.
2) The phenomenology of high, medium, and low hypnotizables.
3) Self-transcendence and hypnotizability as a personality trait.
4) Cognitive and other differences among high hypnotizables.
5) Neurological differences between a willed and suggested arm levitation.
6) Dissociation in traumatized and control children.

Grant projects in progress (data collection and analysis):

1) (P.I.) Bial Foundation. Evaluation of alterations of consciousness and the model of pragmatic information in a ganzfeld protocol (37,900 euros). Submitted.
2) Helene Reeder Memorial Fund (2,000 Euros). Consciousness alterations and life histories of psychic claimants in Scandinavia (Christian Gaden Jensen and Etzel Cardeña, Pis)